Oil prices rise over 1% on drone attack on Saudi Aramco facilities


"Achieving 20% enrichment is the most hard part", Khamenei said, according to the newspaper. The latest in a series of terror-linked violence was a multiple drone attack which hit Aramco oil stations in each of the Al Duawadimi and Afif districts in Riyadh.

For Ibrahim Ban Naji, a Yemeni observer, the odd timing of the Houthi drone attack that targeted Saudi Arabia raised a series of questions particularly as no signs of military escalation were reported in Hodeidah, where pro-Houthi forces actually began unilateral redeployment two days ago.

The energy minister of Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, said the latest attacks caused a fire, now contained, and minor damage at one pump station, but did not disrupt oil output or exports of crude and petroleum products.

World leaders, Arab and Muslim organizations have condemned the attacks on the Kingdom's east-west oil pipeline and called for a united global effort to combat terror in the region.

Attack on Catholic church in Burkina Faso leaves six dead
Roughly 55 per cent to 60 per cent of Burkina Faso's population is Muslim, with up to a quarter Christian. Last month, attackers targeted a Protestant church in the town of Silgadji, killing at least six people.

Fighter jets of the Arab coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen carried out airstrikes on a Houthi camp, killing insurgents and destroying combat vehicles, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Wednesday.

Tensions between the United States and Iran have soared in recent weeks, with Washington dispatching warships and bombers to the Persian Gulf, and Tehran threatening to resume higher uranium enrichment. In the same year, terrorists from the same group attacked property at the SADAF Petrochemical Complex in the eastern Saudi city of Jubail. It added that Saudi Aramco's oil and gas supplies were not affected.

"U.S. sanctions on Iran are biting, and biting in a very effective way", Gargash said. The impact on global oil prices is normally not that substantial, as long as the supply continues. "It is easy to throw accusations but it is a hard situation, there are serious issues and among them is Iranian behavior", he said, mentioning concern about Iran's missiles and regional policy. "And if we did that, we'd send a hell of a lot more troops than that", Trump told reporters.

Notably, the recent attacks come amid mounting tension between Iran and the USA after the Pentagon announced the deployment earlier this week of an aircraft carrier strike group to the Persian Gulf. The U.S. has recently warned ships that "Iran or its proxies" could be targeting maritime traffic in the region. Iranian officials denied responsibility.

Homophobic posts cost Israel Folau another sponsorship deal
It added: "As such, our partnership with Israel has become untenable and he will no longer represent Asics as a brand ambassador". He went on to speak of the shame he feels towards Australia rugby following the treatment of Folau.

The MT Andrea Victory, one of the alleged targets, sustained a hole in its hull just above its waterline from "an unknown object", its owner Thome Ship Management said in a statement.

Satellite images provided to the AP by Colorado-based Maxar Technologies showed a boom surrounding the Emirati oil tanker A. Michel, indicating the possibility of an oil leak.

USA national security agencies believe proxies sympathetic to or working for Iran may have been behind it, a US official has said.

Iran has rejected the allegation and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Tuesday that "extremist individuals" in the US government were pursuing risky policies, amid a war of words with Washington over sanctions.

Pompeo Discusses Security In Iraq
In Iraq, a debate has been raging in recent months over the fate of some 5,200 U.S. troops stationed across the country. A senior diplomat in Greenland, Kenneth Hoegh, earlier told AFP that Pompeo's visit was being postponed.

"We announced that we had previously predicted these sorts of activities aimed at escalating tension in the region", he said.