Russian Federation recovers 41 bodies from Moscow plane fire


Dramatic footage shared on social media showed the Russian Aeroflot-owned aircraft, flames and black smoke pouring from its fuselage, land at Sheremetyevo worldwide airport. It said passengers were able to exit the aircraft via the emergency exits. RIA agency said that there were 78 passengers on the plane, which had been headed from Moscow to the northern Russian city of Murmansk.

The Flightradar24 tracking service showed that the plane had circled twice over Moscow before making an emergency landing after about 45 minutes.

AV said that Russian News Agencies claim the aircraft received a lightning strike causing a total electrical failure and subsequent return and a hard landing.

Passengers appeared to be carrying luggage as they fled a Russian plane that had made an emergency landing. The first video shows flames and black smoke billowing from the plane but does not indicate what caused the plane to catch fire or how long it had been burning.

It returned to the airport for what reports described as a hard landing on runway 24L at 18:31 local time.

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A towering column of black smoke rose above Sheremetyevo, Russia's busiest airport.

The Russian Emergency Industry has said it does not plan to ground the Sukhoi Superjet after the crash landing.

A passenger in a plane waiting to depart Moscow posted video on Instagram purportedly showing fire crews attending the scene as the aircraft sat in flames on the runway.

As the chief air safety regulator of 12 former Soviet states, the IAC has taken the lead in examining data from the crash. A sheet of flame can be seen through the window, and a cloud of sparks, while people scream in panic and a voice - apparently a flight attendant - is heard saying "keep calm". Sixty-one people died on USA flights during the same period.

"Aeroflot extends its deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of those who lost their lives on flight SU1492 Moscow-Murmansk", they wrote.

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The aircraft, which was carrying almost 80 people, returned to land at the airport for an unspecified reason.

The government offered subsidies to encourage Russian airlines to buy the Superjet and Aeroflot has became its main operator.

"He didn't succeed and started helping people to leave the plane". Among them is 22-year-old Jeremy Brooks of New Mexico.

Five passengers were hospitalized after the incident, according to Aeroflot.

After the tragedy some suggested that Russian Federation may be better off abandoning the Sukhoi Superjet altogether.

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The crash-landing on Sunday is the latest serious setback for the plane, the first new passenger jet developed in Russian Federation since the fall of the Soviet Union, and threatens to undermine confidence in an airliner Moscow touts as proof it can produce its own high quality civil passenger aircraft.