The XFL picks St. Louis as one of eight franchises


The XFL has unveiled the cities and venues for its eight-team league that will debut in 2020, the league announced Wednesday.

The football league founded by wrestling entrepreneur Vince McMahon will be absent in several of the largest television markets: Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta. McMahon, sounding like he had just smoked a carton of cigarettes and then chewed some nails, explained that this new version of the XFL would be nothing like the old one, that it would be "football reimagined", and that they would soon be doing all that reimagining and would let us know what comes of it.

"We are committed to being ingrained in the local community and extremely fortunate that our teams will have world-class facilities to call home", XFL CEO Oliver Luck said. They want speed with modified officiating and a faster play clock. It opened to impressive TV ratings, but audiences quickly tuned out a league that seemed too gimmicky - TV cameras in the bathrooms, lascivious cheerleaders and jerseys that included self-chosen nicknames such as "He Hate Me".

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A big question facing the XFL is how many fans it will be able to persuade to show up to its games. The XFL wants to "compliment" fall football. It will also cater to families looking for affordable ticket options. Luck said players will be tested for PED's and players will get competitive salaries.

The commissioner also said that he expects most of the players to come from the large pool of guys who can't stick on an National Football League roster.

It seems by placing XFL cities in famous National Football League locations, they are able to possibly capitalize on the downtime those fans might have in that market in the offseason.

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They are a proponent of legal and safe gambling on the game. Team names, logos, colors, and players will be announced in the coming weeks and months.

The XFL is already reserving season tickets for their return season on their official website which was announced during the conference held today.

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