Caravan Migrants Launch Hunger Strike at US Border


Authorities and residents in Tijuana are concerned the migrants might try to make another mass rush across the border. Officials say the agent, along with a K-9, tracked the 36-year-old suspect to a remote desert area where the suspect struck the agent several times.

The only two individuals Customs and Border Protection referred for prosecution ended up not being charged because they had medical problems and could not be held at the San Diego detention center, according to reports.

Gastélum said the blame lies on the unidentified organisers of the caravan.

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Tough stance on caravan keeps criminals in Mexico

"Consistent with the president's direction to do all within our authority to secure USA borders, I am seeking your assistance and ask you to prioritize efforts to help us prevent illegal entry into the United States", Nielsen wrote. The mayor, who supports the deportation of violent migrants, once again called on the federal government and the newly elected leader to step up their efforts to support the city, which is struggling to accommodate around 8,000 migrants now waiting for the U.S. to process their asylum claims.

"The perpetrators will be prosecuted", she said then.

USA authorities say assailants threw a "hail of rocks" at agents, striking four who escaped serious injury. A six-hour period during which USA officials were forced to close the border crossing cost his city $129 million pesos.

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That line of police installed tall steel panels behind them outside the Chaparral crossing on the Mexican side of the border, which completely blocked incoming traffic lanes to Mexico.

US authorities say assailants threw a "hail of rocks" at Border Patrol agents in the Sunday chaos that erupted during a protest against USA asylum laws, striking four who escaped serious injury.

Gustavo Alocer, a representative from Mexico's human rights commission, described the situation as a humanitarian crisis, while UNICEF has said that it is "deeply concerned" for the well-being of more than 1,000 children who arrived in the string of migrant caravans.

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At a midday event, before the content of the signs was disclosed, Espy said he knew nothing about the nooses or signs. Nooses hung on the trees of the capitol's south lawn on Monday, according to authorities.

US authorities are working on a new system to better record evidence if similar circumstances arise, the official said.

Under the harsh immigration policies introduced by the administration of President Donald Trump, US border officials say they may have to stay put in Mexico for months before they can petition the authorities. One woman from Honduras, Leida Reyes, told her she thinks this is better than what they lived with back home. Asylum seekers are often released in the US pending the outcome of their cases in immigration court.

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