Guardian Life Insurance Selects AWS as Its Preferred Cloud Provider


By joining hands, Lockheed Martin and AWS can provide satellite operators with a complete connectivity solution coupled with ground architecture, and cloud environment for integrated satellite and data management operations. In introducing Ground Station, Jassy said that the project stems from customer requests to be able to more easily access data from satellites without having to build their own expensive infrastructure. First up were A1 instances powered by Amazon's new 64-bit ARM-based Graviton processor (yes, AWS is now designing silicon) which it says will offer up to 45 percent cost savings compared with Amazon EC2 general goal instances, welcome news to partners with customers experiences some cloud sticker shock.

To change that dynamic, Amazon is building a dozen space-trained ground stations all over the world next to its AWS regions-often on the same grounds.

AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service for collecting, structuring and searching IoT data and using it for analyzing performance.

Amazon Web Services vice president of infrastructure Peter DeSantis kicks off re:Invent 2018.

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Through this integration, customers using AWS Ground Station gain the ability to download data from multiple satellites at the same time and to continue downloading data even when unplanned outages like a weather event impact parts of the network.

AWS CEO Andy Jassy pointed out that they hadn't really considered a service like this until they had customers asking for it. "Customers said that we have so much data in space with so many applications that want to use that data". A ground station is the vital link for transmitting data to-and-from satellites in orbit.

8K Miles Software Services ("8K Miles" and/or "The Company") announced today the Company is now a Premier Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). For AWS customers in the government or regulated industries, this includes the AWS GovCloud and Secret Regions that carry the full range of data classifications, including Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, and Top Secret.

Then when it comes to Lockheed Martin the two companies announced virtual resilient ground - or VERGE - to combat the issue of parabolic antennas and their limitation to only communicate with one satellite at a time, and only when it is directly overhead.

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"With this new system, the image will be crystal clear and this will be crucial for application in autonomous vehicles", Scott said.

Meanwhile, Lockheed Martin Space has already firmed up plans to integrate AWS Ground Station with its new Verge antenna network. Their satellite receivers will connect directly to AWS Ground Stations, managing data downloads in real time and meeting unexpected demand. The systems are now piloting in Denver area.

There are now over 2,000 satellites orbiting the Earth and collecting data, with 16,000 expected to be in low orbit over the next decade.

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