Uganda military joins search, rescue operation in Lake Victoria boat accident


The boat had been grounded for safety reasons and had recently undergone repairs to fix holes in its hull, authorities said.

Police Marines swing in action to retrieve bodies after the tragic Lake Victoria boat cruise accident. Approximately 120 people are said to have been on the boat and some survivors said it was overloaded although the registration list had 104 names and it's possible that some passengers may not have registered. "But the hopes for people still alive is dwindling", said Onyango.

There was a party going on aboard the boat, with loud music, at the time of the accident, Mr Museveni said.

Early Sunday, a police helicopter hovered low over the spot where the boat sank, as a team of divers searched for bodies under calm waters.

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"They were shouting, 'Help us!" A crowd of onlookers stood on a beach and watched the rescue and recovery efforts. One young woman, seeing a victim she apparently recognized, collapsed and was rushed to a hospital.

"The team of experts will resume this rescue mission this morning where many people are feared dead, deep in the waters where the boat in which they were traveling capsized and completely submerged", said Kayima.

Victims include the couple who owned the boat, according to Ms Ganyana.

The rescue boat arrived on time and all the survivors went onboard but they boarded in big numbers and it also capsized and that's when majority drowned and died.

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"Survivors are telling us there were between 70 to 80 passengers on board", he said.

The vessel was believed to be overcrowded with almost 100 passengers, said police spokeswoman Zurah Ganyana.

Uganda's President, Yoweri Museveni, said on Twitter the boat was overcrowded at more than double its capacity, and charges would be laid against anyone who could be held responsible.

"They might not have heard the emergency commands of the captain, who is still unaccounted for", he said. "Let everybody take the warning from this tragedy".

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According to the police, this is the first major accident that happen on the Ugandan side of Lake Victoria in a period of two years.