How To Make Siri Less Garbage By Linking It To Google Assistant


Siri and Google Assistant pretty much offer the same experience and functionality these days so this move seems to be most appealing to Android fans who are forced to use an iOS device for work or the like, but is still an interesting development in the ongoing AI wars that will no doubt see the extinction of us all.

In the U.S. you can also get bundles like a free Google Home Hub with each Pixel 3 phone, but after all Black Friday originates in the United States and it is a bigger deal there than anywhere else in the world.

Screenshot of the app via The Verge
Screenshot of the app via The Verge

Well, Google found a workaround for that limitation. When you open the app, you should be prompted to add "OK Google" to Siri.

This new updated version of Google Assistant for iOS will support Apple's shortcut apps and lets its user program a list of tasks to be performed using voice command with Siri.

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If you haven't updated the Google Assistant app on the iPhone, be sure to do so in order to take advantage of the new feature. You can even set this shortcut up to directly trigger a routine in Google Assistant where multiple commands are essentially executed at once. However, iPhone users have had to open up the Google Assistant app manually and then issue voice commands to get things done. The device usually costs $149, which means you're getting a $50 discount here. The new $150 Google Home Hub is now $99, the original and customizable $130 Google Home is now $79, and the tiny $49 Google Home Mini is just $25. All you need to do is pick up your iPhone or iOS device and say, "Hey Siri". Then the Google Assistant app will come up and listen for your next command.

The process is more complex than usual because it requires several intermediate steps until Google Assistant begins to interpret what the user says.

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Googling a question you don't know the answer to is just about as second nature as flinching when something's flying at your face.

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