No better Brexit deal available, EU ministers tell Britain


That is uncertainty for people and their jobs.

"It will no longer be the case that European Union nationals, regardless of the skills or experience they have to offer, can jump the queue ahead of engineers from Sydney or software developers from Delhi", May plans to say.

May argues that abandoning the plan, with Britain's withdrawal just over four months away on March 29, could lead to a disorderly and economically damaging "no deal" Brexit - or to a situation in which Britain's exit from the European Union is postponed indefinitely. The Conservative Party would do well to heed that message.

"If this bad deal fails to pass through Parliament, which looks inevitable now, the people must be given a General Election".

If parliament votes against the deal, however, expect all political hell to break loose. What's paramount, however, once the transition period ends, any new deals that could affect the backstop agreement over the Irish border would have to get the green light from Brussels.

May spent the weekend contacting leading Conservatives, seeking to win support for the draft Brexit agreement agreed earlier this week by the majority of her front bench ministers. "If we change the person at the top, whoever is at the top we will still have the same problems".

Addressing the issue of immigration, a concern for many businesses who fear they will face skills gaps after Brexit, May will promise to introduce "more streamlined application processes" that will "attract the brightest and the best from around the world".

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More than 20 lawmakers have said publicly that they have submitted a letter, but others are expected to have done so confidentially.

Mr Raab said that while the agreement was "fatally flawed" it is not too late to change that. Readers of an older disposition will know what I mean.

'Any cabinet minister that supports this is not a eurosceptic'.

With mounting speculation that May could be forced out, few observers have been able to predict what might happen next as she has insisted that she has no plans to leave 10 Downing Street and is "determined" to see the Withdrawal Agreement go through.

Brussels, meanwhile, insists Britain can not have the same privileged access to the single market as it did as a member state after Brexit on March 29 next year.

He demanded that May's government renegotiate the agreement, which outlines the terms of Britain's departure and future relationship with the EU.

"It's an option for the future, but it's not an option for today, because if we had a referendum tomorrow, what's it going to be on?"

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Raab, who resigned on Thursday saying he could not support the deal, said he would back May if there was a confidence vote and that talk of a leadership challenge was distracting when the government should be focused on delivering Brexit.

In her upcoming address to the business lobby group the CBI at its annual conference in London, Theresa May will promise to make migration skills-based, with Europeans no longer prioritised over "engineers from Sydney or software developers from Delhi". "No deal would be catastrophic for the economy".

That's according to Steve Hilton, David Cameron's former director of strategy, who says his old boss could be "the best hope for Britain" if he makes a return to politics.

The DUP continues to take a different view.

The Walsall MP blasted the Conservatives and claimed their turmoil showed they do not have the country's best interests at heart.

"Listen to the businesses in your constituencies", she urged lawmakers in a Sky News interview.

She then suddenly raised stakes, saying that "the choice before us is clear - this deal or leave with no deal".

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