Hillary 2020? Longtime Clinton adviser says she’s running


Two-time Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will mount a third bid for the White House, longtime Clinton adviser Mark Penn wrote in an op-ed published Sunday by The Wall Street Journal, predicting that the former first lady and secretary of state is readying a "Hillary 4.0" campaign for 2020.

A few weeks ago former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton fuelled speculation over her potential 2020 run by saying "I'd like to be president". Last month during a public forum, she was asked whether she wanted to run for president again.

"Dear God, please, yes", she tweeted with a link to the story.

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"Mrs. Clinton has come unbound".

The article said Clinton needed a strategy to win over voters who surprisingly supported her rival in 2016.

Hillary Clinton is the one thing that most Democrats desperately want to go away.

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So Penn is desperate to sell the idea that Clinton cannot only come back and win the Democratic nomination, but that she's figured out why she lost in 2016 and has a fantastic game plan for defeating Trump this time. Aside from head-scratching comments such as rejecting calls for civility, numerous same issues that tanked her presidential run in 2016 will undoubtedly arise again in 2020. The internecine warfare that would erupt between the Clinton loyalists and the rest of the Democratic Party if she insisted on the same special treatment she got last time-and you know she'd do it-would work in Trump's favor. Stein is the New York City council president and a member of the Manhatten Democrats.

Penn predicts that Clinton's entry won't be at first, "but definitely by the time the primaries are in full swing". "She will trounce them", they wrote. But they revealed themselves to be bungling amateurs in the Brett Kavanaugh nomination fight, with their laughable Spartacus moments. The new version of Clinton, however, has learned from all these mistakes.

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