[H]ardOCP: Warcraft III Is Being Remastered, Coming Next Year


Blizzard has announced the long-rumoured and much wished-for remaster of its classic real-time strategy game, Warcraft 3.

The founding of Orgrimmar. The reign of the Burning Legion. Fans get to experience the story of Arthas Menethil from his time as a prince up to his conversion into the Lich King, Thrall's ascension to Warchief of the Horde, as well as the story of the Night Elf Sylvanas Windrunner. "A project like Warcraft III: Reforged isn't something we undertake lightly, partly because of this legacy, but more importantly, because we know what it means to our players".

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Blizzard released a trio of trailers for Warcraft III: Reforged today (a Cinematic Trailer, a Gameplay Trailer, and a closer look at the changes coming to "The Culling" mission), and you can find all of them after the break.

Warcraft III's dedicated community of mapmakers has kept the game thriving since it launched in 2002, and Reforged boasts an improved World Editor highly influenced by an ongoing dialogue with this talented group of creators.

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The game will feature totally remodeled characters and environments, as well the game's robust World Editor, which pioneered the MOBA genre with the creation of the original Defense of the Ancients map. The Standard Edition grants access to the game, while the Spoils of War edition grants access to cool goodies and in-game items in other Blizzard games like Hearthstone, Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

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