Trump, Obama Stage Dueling Rallies Ahead of Midterms


Elizabeth Warren of MA for criticism.

"They're trying to convince us that honesty is relative depending on where you stand", Biden said of Trump and Republicans.

Mr Trump's campaign stops were aimed at bolstering Republicans challenging incumbent Democratic senators in West Virginia and in, states he won in the 2016 presidential election. According to military documents obtained this week by Newsweek, only about 20 percent of those in the caravan are likely to make it to the U.S. "And if Democrats do take back the House, they're going to need some legislative accomplishments". Trump also threw his support behind U.S. House of Representatives 3rd District candidate Carol Miller and even endorsed Tim Armstead for the West Virginia Supreme Court at the behest of Gov. Jim Justice.

"To see his party jump on board and march in lockstep is what's terrifying", said Hunter, a 65-year-old retired salesperson from Lake Forest, California.

The list included two former presidents (Bill Clinton and Barack Obama), Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder; a former CIA director; a former director of National Intelligence; two likely Democratic presidential candidates in 2020; a black congresswoman whom Trump frequently describes as "low IQ" (a common racist charge); two prominent Jewish billionaire philanthropists, one of whom, George Soros, is a frequent target of Trump and the subject of various right-wing conspiracy fantasies; and the actor Robert De Niro (who began his speech at this year's Tony Awards ceremony by declaring, "F**k Trump").

Trump will hold MAGA rallies in Macon, Georgia, and at 23:00 GMT in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Knight drew basketball parallels to on Friday, saying that Trump is a "great defender".

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The widows of the two police officers murdered by the Mexican migrant Bracamontes were invited to Mr Trump's 2017 address to Congress.

Trump said Donnelly, a first-term senator, was ineffective and referred to him as "Sleepin' Joe".

The video alleges without evidence that Democrats were responsible for allowing Bracamontes into the U.S., and comes amid a frenzy of hardline immigration proposals pushed out by Mr Trump in the final stages of the campaign, including sending troops to the border and revoking birthright citizenship.

The video also includes scenes of a migrant caravan that is moving toward the US, but is still hundreds of miles away from the border.

It includes scenes of a migrant caravan moving towards America, warning: "Who else would Democrats let in?" and suggesting that more violence would soon penetrate the border.

Democratic consultant Jim Manley said Tuesday may reveal if Democrats are having any success recapturing white working class voters in the Midwest who backed Trump in 2016. Joe Manchin. Trump told the crowd cheering him from inside a hangar that "Joe will never be with us".

"Every time my opponent opens his mouth I am disgusted", Miller said of Ojeda, whom Trump has called "wacky" and "stone cold insane".

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Yet, the headline indicators on the economy couldn't be better for the Republicans going into Tuesday's vote.

"VOTE REPUBLICAN NOW!" Trump tweeted along with the ad on Wednesday. On major issues, Manchin did join Democrats in voting against tax cuts that Trump signed into law past year, but he broke with his Democratic colleagues and voted for both of Trump's Supreme Court nominees: Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump could also blame the Democratic House for his continued failures to live up to his many promises.

"There's a tradition that presidents have a press conference the day after a midterm election to give their take on it", said New York Times reporter Michael Shear. Few experts anticipate any problems in Congress even if the Republicans lose the House; it's less an issue of "if" than of "when.' And 'when" is important, given the ongoing impact of tariffs - deferred, to a degree, by a strong domestic economy - and USA farmers keen to have access to export markets in Mexico and Canada.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed that the pair voted by absentee ballot "a few weeks ago" in NY, where their primary residence is located.

There were some who supported Trump in sharing the ad, however. All 435 House seats are up for grabs; each has a two-year term. Heading into Election Day, Democrats have an enthusiasm edge, but Republicans have been getting steadily amped up, too.

Once again, it's the state to watch on election night.

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