Trump Calls New York Times Story on His Cellphone Use 'Incorrect'


The newspaper alleges, citing the same anonymous officials, that China and Russian Federation are listening in on Trump's calls.

He'd said as much the night before at a rally in Wisconsin, but his early-morning tweet seems to be inspired by a New York Times report about the president's careless cell phone use, which has allowed China and Russian Federation to listen in on his calls.

During the daily press briefing, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying dismissed the report as "fake news" and mocked the whole situation by bringing up Huawei, which the USA has repeatedly accused of state-sponsored spying.

During a briefing in Beijing, Hua Chunying, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, said that if there are security concerns, Trump could switch to a phone made by Huawei, a Chinese company, or cut off communications altogether.

The president keeps two official iPhones with modifications by the National Security Agency, and a third personal phone for personal contacts, White House officials said.

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Hua also dismissed the Wednesday New York Times report that China's spies are listening in on Trump's conversations as "fake news", the South China Morning Post reported.

Aides have repeatedly told him his phones are not secure, but although the President has been persuaded to use his secure White House landline more often, he has refused to give up the iPhones, The Times said.

As for President Trump, he reacted just as everyone expected by going to Twitter and calling the NYT report "soooo wrong".

The Chinese are said to have compiled a list of people to whom Mr Trump often speaks, so that they can try to use them to influence the president.

The Chinese are said to be using information picked up from monitoring Trump's calls to figure out who he listens to the most.

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Trump followed up his capitalized show of reverence to "Government Phones" by noting that he rarely even uses cell phones, preferring the far more dignified "Hard Lines".

Mr. Trumpreacted to the report through his Twitter account Thursday, labeling it "fake news".

In addition to his personal iPhones, Trump also uses an iPad, which he reportedly calls the "flat one".

In September, Trump demanded that the N.Y. Times reveal the name of the anonymous source who wrote an op-ed claiming to work from within the administration to undermine the president.

As the report noted, Trump indicated to the Wall Street Journal this week that he had discretion about information transmitted through his phone.

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