Flu season: doctors told how not to catch the flu


MU Health Care and Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services are mobilizing for the upcoming flu season.

While the low number of recorded cases was heartening, ESR had chosen to extend its surveillance for the rest of October with the flu season spiking later than usual.

Manitobans are once again being asked to roll up their sleeves and get the annual flu shot. That count represents about 60 percent of children and 40 percent of adults.

"We see a lot of flu around this time of year", said Kenitz.

The flu vaccine and Pneu-P-23 vaccine, which helps protect against pneumococcal disease and is offered free of charge to seniors, are available at local public health offices, nursing stations, doctors' offices, and Access Centres.

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One of the most pervasive myths about the flu shot is that getting it can actually cause you to get the flu. All Americans need to receive a flu shot as soon as possible to stay healthy. "Your workplace may also offer flu vaccines onsite", it says.

Due to major pharmacies like Walmart and Walgreens running their own flu shot clinics in recent years, Parker said the number of patients they receive during this clinic has declined. Even if the flu vaccine does not fully protect against the flu, it may reduce the severity of symptoms and the risk of complications. That's especially true when it comes to protecting the elderly.

The vaccine significantly reduces the risk of infection with flu and, even if you manage to get sick, the illness will pass in a very mild form, says an expert.

One of the most controversial beliefs about the flu vaccine is that the ingredients are "poisonous", and can make you sick.

Five companies make flu vaccine for the USA market. The others protect against three.

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People in Cumbria who are the most vulnerable to flu are being urged to get their free flu vaccination, ahead of the winter period when the virus is most common and this year's vaccination programme is now available across Cumbria to all eligible people.

IH: "It is important to get a flu shot yearly because influenza viruses change from year to year". He knows first hand why it's important to get the vaccine.

The Influenza vaccine takes approximately 2-4 weeks to build enough immunity in the body to protect someone against the flu virus.

"Our flu season is usually based on the southern hemisphere's season that is just ending, and in the southern hemisphere, they did not have a bad year this year", Bhardwaj said.

"The flu vaccine is the safest and most effective way to keep you and your family protected from flu this winter".

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