Vegas lawyer: Cristiano Ronaldo rape accuser 'emotionally fragile'


Cristiano Ronaldo on Tuesday denied rape allegations leveled against him, saying his conscience was clear and that he would calmly await the results of any investigation.

According to reports in the German magazine, the American woman had filed a rape report with Las Vegas police shortly after the alleged incident.

The athlete has denied Mayorga's accusations and called what was written in Der Spiegel "fake news". "Rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that I am and believe in", he wrote in a tweet.

"My clear conscious (sic) will thereby allow me to await with tranquillity the results of any and all investigations", he added on his Twitter feed @Cristiano, which has almost 75 million followers.

Ronaldo has now released a statement on the matter, after his legal team, per the BBC, said that they would sue Der Spiegel for "illegal" reporting. "A medical exam was conducted", authorities said in a statement.

Ronaldo, a five-time world footballer of the year, rejected the charges as "fake news" during a live chat on Instagram.

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"You want to promote by my name".

Kathryn Mayorga claims the former Real Madrid star attacked attacked her at a Sin City hotel after meeting her at a nightclub. according to the Sun.

"I'm a happy man and all good".

The woman, however, contends in her lawsuit that both a nurse at the hospital and a Las Vegas police detective discouraged her from filing charges against Ronaldo because of his fame.

Pictures show the Ronaldo and Ms Mayorga chatting before he invited her to his penthouse room to "enjoy the view of the Las Vegas strip".

It said the assault had left her with "severe emotional and bodily injuries" and "major depression".

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She characterized Mayorga in 2009 as emotionally damaged, fearful, depressed and humiliated after the alleged attack and pressure from Ronaldo's representatives.

Discussing Ronaldo earlier this week, Perez said: "He is the worthy successor of Alfredo Di Stefano, he is the player who has scored more goals in the history of Madrid, and I think that he is one of those players who will be in the hearts of the Real Madrid fans and will [be remembered] from generation to generation".

Ronaldo offered her clothing and then followed her into a toilet where she was going to change clothes, it said.

In reality, the lawsuit claims, his team was attempting to obstruct a criminal investigation and erode Mayorga's credibility, thus diminishing her chances of pursuing a claim for civil damages.

Yesterday it emerged that Las Vegas police have re-opened the investigation into the alleged se'xual assault.

Ronaldo in action for new club Juventus.

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