Kellyanne Conway: Christine Blasey Ford "absolutely was wronged" but not by Kavanaugh


The results of that final vote remain uncertain, though one Senator who was seemingly on the fence announced his intention to confirm Kavanaugh Thursday.

What I do know is that our system of justice affords a presumption of innocence to the accused, absent corroborating evidence. He said the first and most persistent memories of a traumatic event often come up as these types of feelings, tastes, and sounds. Kavanaugh has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct and angrily defended himself at his portion of Thursday's hearing.

That's the way Christine Blasey Ford described the details of what she says was a sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, on a summer evening three decades ago.

For some watching Kavanaugh's testimony, one of the most striking things was his visible anger and the reactions of several women sitting behind him, who at times cried and scowled as he categorically denied the accusations against him. Meanwhile Ford, testified that she was "100%" certain Kavanaugh attacked her.

The committee voted 11-8 to schedule the vote on the nomination, with all Republicans in support, eight of panel's ten Democrats voting in opposition and two abstaining to demonstrate their objection.

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Scott has called on Nelson to meet with Kavanaugh but has not explicitly called on Nelson to vote in favor of confirmation. Flake had previously voiced concern over Kavanaugh.

"What you are doing is allowing someone who actually violated a woman to sit on the Supreme Court", the woman, who said she shared the story of her assault with Flake's office Monday, told the senator. Below are the Republicans, and Democrats, who could make or break Kavanaugh's lifelong appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The remarkable testimony appears to have only sharpened the partisan divide over Donald Trump's nominee.

"Dr. Ford's allegations are not merely uncorroborated, it's refuted by the very people she says were there." - testimony Thursday.

Trump has also criticized Republican leaders in Congress for not speeding the process along, leading to days' worth of revelations against Kavanaugh. "His testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting", Trump tweeted. "The Senate must vote!"

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While Ford said she came forward to give the senators an understanding of Kavanaugh's character as they examined him for a seat in the country's apex court.

The White House spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, dismissed that on Friday, telling reporters that Kavanaugh has already "been through six separate background investigations by the FBI".

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Kavanaugh's nomination will face a test in the Senate, which has a tight 51-49 Republican majority.

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