Hurricane Florence: Local Red Cross volunteers on standby


The volunteers for the Red Cross are on-call, and while there are almost 50 in North Carolina, Breitbach said there are also volunteers still in Iowa.

Google announced that it will match donations up to Dollars 1 million to help people affected by Hurricane Florence on the USA east coast.

For mail in donations, fill out this form and send it to American Red Cross PO Box 37839, Boone, Iowa 50037-0839.

Donations to help the Red Cross response to areas impacted by Florence may be made by texting "Florence" to 90999, by calling 1-800-Red-Cross or online at

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"FDNY is so critical to Red Cross relief efforts, because these heroes have training and experience that allows them to go into frankly more unsafe situations", said Josh Lockwood, who heads the Red Cross in NY. More than 15,000 people sought refuge in more than 150 Red Cross and community shelters Sunday night to escape the storm's wrath.

Anderson's job in Myrtle Beach is over, but she is preparing for her next assignment in another storm zone in the Carolinas.

The truck they arrived in is called an emergency response vehicle, and it can transport 400-500 meals or haul disaster supplies in bulk. "Financial donations are always extremely important during any disaster, and it looks like this one (Florence) is going to be a big one", said Stemen. The Red Cross recommends blood donations and monetary donations.

The Red Cross is also asking people to give blood because, through this week, over 140 blood drives have been canceled due to the storm, "resulting in over 4,200 uncollected blood and platelet donations".

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Right now donations are a great start in helping Florence victims and the volunteers aiding those in need.

According to latest news reports, PepsiCo Foundation will be giving $500,000 grant each to The Salvation Army and the American Red Cross.

Boots on the ground include David Anderson from the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida.

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