Huawei "charges" Apple in release day troll


Apple fans in Singapore waiting in line for the launch of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max had a pleasant surprise on Thursday night (20 September) after they received free powerbanks from one of Apple's competitors, Huawei.

Each year, Apple CEO Tim Cook calls the next-generation iPhones the best ever made.

Recently launched iPhones-File
Recently launched iPhones-File

With eight cores in the A12's neural processing unit (over its predecessor's two), the iPhone XS is theoretically capable of 5 trillion operations per second compared to the iPhone X's 600 billion operations per second, Apple claims. And though the phones' internals are quite similar to those of last year's iPhone X, the teardown does reveal a few interesting new details. There, the iPhone XS Max 512GB model is changing hands at 14,800 yuan (US$2,161), or 2,001 yuan more than the official price. They planned to bring the phones back to Chile and hand them out to family members and friends perhaps hoping for a discount. The iPhone XS, the smaller of the two new models, includes a 10.13 Wh battery (2,659 mAh), which iFixit noted is slightly downgraded from the 10.35 Wh one found in the 2017 phone. It's enough to outperform the recently-released Samsung Galaxy S9 (though the iPhone X A11 Bionic chip was faster, too - this one's just even faster than that). This means you'll need to spend $9 more for a dongle if you want to use an old pair of headphones.

Apple's new flagships started flying off UAE shelves on Friday, with a familiar face once again kicking off sales.

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It may be hard to wrap your mind around spending almost a grand or more on a new iPhone.

Interestingly, Apple has also reduced battery capacity this time with the iPhone XS, but hasn't compromised on the performance.

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If you're on the fence, consider the iPhone XS or XS Max as a several-year investment.

We are getting you the live action at the Apple store in The Dubai Mall.

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Apple launched the latest XS and XR series on September 12 in the United States, with prices ranging from HK$6,499 to HK$12,499 (US$832 to US$1,600), depending on their size and storage capacity.