Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 catches fire in woman's purse


A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 spontaneously explodes inside a woman's purse in NY, according to a lawsuit.

Diane Chung, a real estate agent based in Long Island, was in the elevator of a Bayside building on September 3 when her new Galaxy Note 9 "became extremely hot" after use, reveal the legal documents. She placed the phone in her purse, and shortly after she heard a whistling sound, followed by smoke coming out of her bag.

She put the bag on the floor and tried to empty it, burning her fingers in the process, the suit alleges.

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According to Chung, the phone only stopped burning when someone in the lobby grabbed the device with a cloth and placed it in a bucket of water.

The Galaxy Note9 is available for almost a month and this is the first alleged incident of a possible battery issue.

Of course, the United States being the United States, a lawsuit has now resulted with the plaintiff suing Samsung for "unspecified damages and a restraining order barring the sales of any Galaxy Note 9s".

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Reports have emerged of a Galaxy Note 9, Samsung's latest flagship, having caught fire. Chung, whose bag and the contents inside were completely ruin, called it a "traumatic" experience in the lawsuit.

The incident Chung recalled in her lawsuit came close to two years after a spate of battery-related issues led to the discontinuation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

However, responding to this incident the CEO Koh Dong-jin has said "The battery in the Galaxy Note 9 is safer than ever".

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Even if the affected Samsung customer has already filed a complaint: Of course, nothing has been proven, especially not a general problem with the Galaxy Note 9 and its rechargeable battery. It will definitely be a challenge for Samsung to figure out legit incidents and to placate the public who can still remember the circus around the literally hot Galaxy Note 7. "Users do not have to worry about the batteries anymore". At 4,000mAh, it is the biggest battery found in a device that is marketed under the Galaxy Note brand. The Korean smartphone company, however, said that it had not received any reports of such incidents and was probing the matter.