North Korea marks anniversary with huge parade


"North Korea has just staged their parade, celebrating 70th anniversary of founding, without the customary display of nuclear missiles", Trump wrote on his Twitter account on Sunday, Efe news reported. Pyongyang residents have been training for months for the anniversary and held up the bouquets to spell out words and slogans that can be seen from the VIP viewing area.

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"(China) hopes North Korea and the United States will implement their common understanding (made) in their bilateral summit and keep to the good trend of peace and dialogue", the Chinese official said, adding that China wants to play a "constructive role" in resolving Korean Peninsula issues politically together with other concerned nations.

According to foreign journalists who...

The parade also provided Kim an opportunity to show off restored ties with his most important ally, China.

Despite the display of military might, which included tank battalions, rocket launcher and military aircraft that formed the number 70th above the square, there was no display of intercontinental ballistic missiles, something everyone was watching for.

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The North did show off a battery of big artillery pieces known as self-propelled guns that could be used to threaten Seoul, South Korea's capital.

Kim visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, where his father and grandfather lie embalmed, with top officials for the first time since 2012, according to the North's official Korean Central News Agency.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's sister Yo-jong appeared in public for the first time in three months.

At the end of the two-hour event he strolled to the edge of the balcony with the Chinese special envoy, Li Zhanshu, the third-ranking member in China's ruling Communist Party.

"As long as the US military stays on this territory, the unhappiness, suffering and catastrophe of our people will never disappear, and unification will never be realized", the North Korea group said.

"Unification is the only way Koreans can survive."

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Before this year, the "blood-forged" alliance between Korean War allies China and North Korea had been looking shaky.

The talks came as the longtime adversaries are otherwise locked in a diplomatic stalemate over efforts to persuade the North to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

The U.S. conducted 33 investigative and recovery operations in the country before former President George W. Bush's administration called off the search, claiming the safety of American participants was not guaranteed. He claims to have perfected his nuclear arsenal enough to deter US aggression and devote his resources to raising the nation's standard of living.

Despite no agreement yet between Pyongyang and Washington on the denuclearization process the two agreed to at their landmark Singapore summit in June, and with Pyongyang demanding the U.S. agree to a peace treaty to end the 1950-53 Korean War, there have, over the last week, been some encouraging signals. This year's spectacle - tickets start at just over $100 and go up to more than $800 per seat - also has a strong economic theme.

The worldwide coalition, which includes military ships from the U.S., UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea, has already been patrolling the waters for several months, but there is now an effort to "go active", according to one senior USA official, meaning the coalition would begin to publicly denounce individuals who violate the sanctions at sea.

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