A Summary Of The Serena Williams US Open Tennis Drama


Naomi Osaka's halting Japanese, her manners - she bowed and apologized after beating Serena Williams in the U.S. Open final - and her simple charm have swelled national pride in Japan and eclipsed many questions about her mixed-race parentage in a famously insular country. It also earned her a $17,000 fine.

You can see the cartoon below.

Serena Williams, right, talks with referee Brian Earley during the women's final of the US Open tennis tournament against Naomi Osaka, of Japan, Saturday, September 8, 2018, in NY.

Though Osaka's moment of glory was overshadowed by Serena Williams' meltdown during her stunning 6-2, 6-4 upset of her idol at the weekend, the 20-year-old demonstrated she has the game, and the grit, to be a serial victor, according to Date.

That resulted in a second violation, meaning Osaka was awarded the first point of the sixth game.

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"I've seen other men call other umpires several things", she said after the match Saturday.

Others tried to pick holes in the authenticity of the cartoon, such as Williams never having actually jumped into the air and onto her racket during her tirade. She denied the accusation and berated Ramos, demanding an apology.

Williams's pleas to referee Brian Earley and a Grand Slam supervisor - called to the court after she failed to get satisfaction from Ramos - were to no avail.

"The fact that I have to go through this is an example for the next person that has emotions and that want to express themselves and they want to be a strong woman and they're going to be allowed to do that because of today", Williams said.

Williams was fined $US17,000, which is deducted from her prize money of $US1.85 million as the tournament's runner-up, according to the Associated Press.

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In response, The Herald Sun's editorial cartoonist Mark Knight lampooned Williams in his latest piece.

The portroyal of Osaka is equally controversial, as the 20-year-old, one of the rising stars in women's tennis, is a dark-skinned Japanese woman, but is pictured in the cartoon as a white blonde.

The cartoon provoked an angry response on Twitter. "For me to say 'thief, ' and for him to take a game, it made me feel like it was a sexist remark", Williams told reporters at a news conference. "And why are Serena Williams' facial features distorted like that?" Thank you, @serenawilliams, for calling out this double standard. Male tennis players take their shirts off on the court all the time without outcome, complained people who see no difference between a man's chest and a woman's chest. Just because you're a woman doesn't give you special privileges.

Most bizarrely, Adams claimed that Williams had not expected her exchanges with Ramos to be filmed despite taking place in the middle of a grand slam final.

Tennis players, commentators and officials are debating whether their sport is sexist after Serena Williams claimed the chair umpire at the US Open final treated her differently because she was a woman.

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