Weed, whiskey, Tesla and a flamethrower: Elon Musk meets Joe Rogan


Musk shared thoughts on those topics and more during a podcast with comedian Joe Rogan that lasted more than two hours, stretching into the early hours of Friday.

Tesla's chief people officer, Gaby Toledano, also took a leave of absence in August and will not be returning, Bloomberg reported Friday.

Rogan asked Musk about The Boring Company, which Musk said started as a " joke", mostly borne out of his desperation to fix L.A.'s notoriously bad traffic problem.

After asking whether it was legal, Musk then took the joint and smoked it himself on camera.

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At one point, Musk and Rogan shared a spliff, though Musk said doesn't make a habit of smoking weed, which he called "a cup of coffee in reverse".

One of Wall Street's prominent short sellers, Andrew Left, has filed a class-action lawsuit, accusing electric vehicle maker Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk of trying to "burn" investors with "objectively false tweets".

Musk has said the company is producing more than 5,000 Model 3 electric cars per week, and cash generated from the sales will bring sustained quarterly profits.

In another sign of trouble for Tesla, the company's chief accounting officer resigned Tuesday after only one month in the role, saying the level of scrutiny on the company had made him reconsider the job.

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Mr Musk pointed out: "Alcohol's a drug".

Accounting chief David Morton reportedly resigned just a month after joining the company. He was honest, possibly drunk and stoned: "I think people should be nicer to each other ..."

They also discussed Musk's public persona and social media activity.

The plunge in Tesla's stock comes just a day after Elon Musk expressed his support for a report estimating the USA sales figures for electric cars now available in the United States.

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He has denied he was smoking weed when he sent his now infamous tweet on August 7 claiming he had secured funding to take Tesla private. Considering the recent stock drop, as well as the apparent effects of Musk's little cannabis puff to Tesla shareholders, Albertine noted that the time might be right for Tesla's Board to step in.