Trump v Trumka: president marks Labor Day with attack on union leader


The president of the largest union federation in the United States said Sunday that a reworked North American Free Trade Agreement would require Canada's involvement.

Donald Trump said there is "no political necessity" to keep Canada in the NAFTA agreement if a "fair deal" can not be reached.

He then noted the nation was far better off before NAFTA and suggested either we make a new deal with Canada or go back to pre-NAFTA. In the initial tweet, the president misspelled the word "against".

The White House had faced a Friday deadline to provide Congress with the necessary 90-day notice that it meant to enter into a new trade agreement with Canada and still have the new NAFTA deal signed by December 1. But Saturday's tweets opened the door again to that outcome. But Canada insisted that it would only sign a new agreement that is good for the country.


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Mr. Trump notified Congress on Friday that he was moving ahead with a U.S.

Some questioned the Trump administration's hardball approach - cutting a deal with Mexico and pressing Canada to comply or risk being left out. Neither U.S. nor Canadian negotiators are talking publicly about the issues that divide them.

The White House now has 30 days to present the full text of a new agreement to Congress, which will give Ottawa and Washington time to iron out differences.

Because of that, negotiations could still drag on for not just days but weeks. The president has alsocelebrated the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to weaken unions in Janus vs. AFSCME and pushed steel tariffs which are expected to lead to the loss of 146,000 jobs. The talks were constructive, and we made progress.

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President Donald Trump . "And we'll only agree to a deal that is a good deal for Canada", Freeland told reporters. The report clarified that while Bloomberg News had entered into an off-the-record agreement with Mr.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert E. Lighthizer said Canada could still join the U.S. Talks on a new trade deal started a year ago but bogged down over USA demands, including some meant to return manufacturing to the United States.

United States officials say the negotiations will continue next week in an effort to reach an agreement.

On a separate footing, the United States is now considering imposing new tariffs on $200 billion of imports from China on 7 September, following the conclusion of its public hearings with the American companies on China's theft of intellectual property and forced transfer of technology.

"Our economies are integrated", Trumka said on "Fox News Sunday". The US president warned Congress against interfering, threatening to kill the deal single-handedly.

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Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo on why Canada should take part in the trade deal between the USA and Mexico. Instead, the agreement with Mexico extends NAFTA for 16 years but with a review every six years.

"Trump is making it blatantly obvious who has the most power in this situation, but he doesn't have complete power: Congress has a role to play", Macdonald said.

Sen. Lindsay Graham, a Trump ally, said he thought the president would get a deal that included Canada.

After intense negotiations last week, USA and Canadian trade teams failed to strike a deal before Mr. Trump's Friday deadline. Any vote in U.S. Congress is unlikely to take place before 2019.

"As for public support for this, I expect it will be much greater in the steel sector and in the vehicle sector in the United States where those industries are well represented like MI". "But for the government of Canada to sign an agreement, it needs to be in the best interests of Canada and Canadians", the official said. "Without a final agreement with Canada, the administration's work is woefully incomplete".

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But under US trade rules, the USA team doesn't have to make public the text of the revamped agreement for 30 additional days, buying more time to reach a deal with the Canadians. The U.S. intends the new deal to completely replace the current NAFTA, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Lander also believes Trump would need Congressional approval to withdraw from NAFTA "Because NAFTA was enacted through an act of Congress, Congress has to undo it", he said in a phone interview.