Perseid Meteor Shower To Put On Brilliant Show This Weekend


Known as the best meteor shower of the year, The Perseid meteors tend to be brighter, lengthier, and more spectacular due to their origin from Comet Swift-Tuttle.

Where are the best places to go to see the Perseid meteor shower? Most of the shooting stars are tiny, the size of a grain of sand. These internationally recognized areas possess an exceptional quality of starry nights, making them ideal for shows like this one.

As Earth sweeps through the path of Swift-Tuttle's 133-year-orbit of the sun, it collects some of these bits of leftover comet, which incinerate in our atmosphere in a fiery blaze.

Named for the constellation Perseus from which the meteors appear to originate, the constellation will be in the northeast direction of the sky.

Google Labeled for Reuse Perseids Meteor Shower - when, where and how to watch.

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-Escape from city lights and find a nice, dark spot, so you'll be able to see the fainter meteors, Cooke said. This shower is widely regarded as the most breathtaking shower in the Northern Hemisphere, producing 50 or more meteors per hour every year.

The best time to view the Perseids would be after midnight each night, as that is when the greatest number of meteors will be visible.

One of the best sky shows of the year is coming this weekend.

The annual Perseid meteor shower happens when the Earth sweeps through dust that's left behind by a comet swift-tunnel, according to University of Manitoba instructor Danielle Pahud.

The Perseid meteor shower is happening and says the shower will peak during overnight hours as Aug. 11 turns into Aug. 12 and again overnight on Aug. 12-13.

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Meteor showers are some of the universe's most welcoming astronomical occurrences.

You can still see meteors before and after the Perseid showers peak, and you dont need special equipment.

"If you have seen a few of them you have seen them all", he said. A folding chair is useful to get off your feet if you are waiting around to the wee hours to catch the best sights of the night sky.

If you'd like a reminder, log in to your YouTube account and click "set reminder" on the feed ahead of time to receive an email 30 minutes prior to the broadcast start.

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