Saudi airline stops flights to Canada amid escalating diplomatic row


The cancelling of flights between the two countries means Canada loses an important link not only with Saudi Arabia but with numerous Saudi allies such as the United Arab Emirates, which was quick to declare its support for the measures against Canada, he said.

Pinto noted that Saudi Arabia is a big supplier of Irving Oil's refinery in St. John, N.B. and, if the Saudis cut off shipments, Irving would need to replace that production with more crude from its next largest suppliers, in Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom, the US and Nigeria. It's also cancelling scholarships for more than 15,000 Saudi students attending Canadian universities, which will yank away big economic benefits Canada reaps from global tuition fees.

Canadian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Marie-Pier Baril said it would not kow-tow to the kingdom.

"It is now the largest employer in the London region".

"Basically, the cupboard gets rearranged".

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For everyone else who resumed the rain-delayed second round Saturday morning, it was all about staying close to the leader. If you do that well, and, obviously, in there you're going to make those putts. "I wasn't enjoying my golf, strangely".

Reid said there are several factors playing in the agreement's favour: the Saudis would have to pay penalties if they walk away from the deal, a pullout could hurt the country's reputation with other worldwide trading partners and, perhaps most importantly, Riyadh wants the model of armoured vehicle that's produced in London.

That's less than 10 per cent of total imports and amounts to a "drop in the bucket" compared with the United States, she said, which accounts for two-thirds of imports and could easily cover Saudi's share thanks to growing domestic production.

Canada can easily replace the oil it imports from Saudi Arabia should relations with the Middle Eastern kingdom deteriorate to the point that trade in crude is halted, says an energy economist. Riyadh accused Ottawa on Tuesday of interfering in its internal affairs.

Canada's previous Conservative government, which lost power to the Liberals in 2015, also had challenges with Riyadh over human rights.

"We are in a world where 100,000 barrels per day is significant", Tertzakian said, adding that oil markets are now tight and only a few producing countries - including Saudi Arabia - have spare capacity.

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"Local people are understandably very upset - I've had lots of calls", said Irene Mathyssen, the New Democrat MP in whose riding the General Dynamics plant is located.

Mathyssen said it's unclear whether the existing agreement, as well as an additional maintenance contract, will be fulfilled.

Earlier this week, Riyadh froze all trade and education ties with Canada and expelled the country's ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

The Middle Eastern kingdom's government-funded study overseas program has been shrinking in recent years.

"An aggressive response to Canada's criticism is created to send a broader message to all Western partners that the old structure in which Riyadh would quietly ignore Western demands for political liberalization is long gone", Eurasia Group's Kamel said.

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"The Saudis have seriously inconvenienced 15,000 of their citizens in order to make a point and, given the unpredictability of Saudi foreign policy, I think it's anyone's guess what might happen to that deal".