Trump's ex-campaign chief's 'income altered'


Before joining Mr Trump's team in summer 2016, Paul Manafort had worked on a number of Republican presidential campaigns, including those of Gerald Ford in the mid-1970s and Ronald Reagan from 1978 to 1980.

During the questioning, U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III will be both referee and wild card.

Prosecutors are expected to present to a jury detailed financial evidence they say proves Manafort hid from US tax authorities millions of dollars of income he earned working for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine and lied to banks to get loans. The bank said it wanted to see more money in Manafort's account to repay the loan.

A former accountant testified how she helped falsify income and tax statements for Paul Manafort, U.S. President Donald Trump's ex-campaign chairman, as prosecutors further buttressed their tax and bank fraud case against him.

Prosecutors charged that Manafort lied on applications for bank and mortgage loans by back-dating loans issued by one of his foreign entities to his consulting company.

Prosecutors showed emails sent by Manafort and his former business partner Rick Gates to various banks that contained profit and loss statements for Manafort's consulting firm.

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She also testified that she knew her tax firm had fudged a loan amount so a then-broke Manafort could save up to a half-million dollars in taxes.

In a court filing Friday, prosecutors with special counsel Robert Mueller's team say Manafort's lawyers want to point to the absence of an audit to suggest that the government "lacks sufficient evidence of a crime or rushed to proceed criminally when it should have proceeded civilly".

"Judge, this is not an effort to prove Mr. Manafort lived lavishly", Andres said.

His plea documents count at least five specific falsehoods he told authorities: that he was told by Manafort that a meeting about Ukraine was not about Ukraine; that he did not lobby US officials about Ukraine; that he did not recall lobbying meetings about Ukraine; that he had served merely as "a means of introduction" for others to talk to USA officials about Ukraine; that their firm did not retain emails longer than 30 days.

Gates, who pleaded guilty in February of conspiracy and lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is cooperating with Mueller's probe, and is expected to testify later in the trial. "It's evidence of his income".

One side-by-side of documents showed Washkuhn's company telling Federal Savings Bank that Manafort's company DMP International had lost $1.11 million in the first 11 months of 2016. "You can't pick and chose what's a loan and what's income". One accounting trick saved Manafort $500,000 in taxes, she said.

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In today's testimony, and throughout the trial thus far, neither Trump nor Russian Federation has been discussed, as evidence has focused on Manafort's work as a consultant in the years before he joined Trump's campaign in the presidential year. "You are not limited in your cross-examination of her", Ellis said. Those money managers said Manafort claimed he didn't control any foreign accounts and left them largely in the dark about his clients.

Prosecutors are heading toward the heart of their financial fraud case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. He said he would talk to Gates about Manafort's tax returns because Manafort had authorized it.

In one instance, Ayliff testified that Manafort pressed him to tell bankers considering a loan application that one of Manafort's NY properties was being used as a personal residence when in fact he was using it to rent out.

In one such instance, Laporta testified that Manafort tried to retroactively classify one of the properties he owns as a secondary residence instead of a rental, as it was originally listed.

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