Mars Terraforming Not Possible Using Present-Day Technology


"Mars does not retain enough carbon dioxide that could practically be put back into the atmosphere" to terraform the planet, NASA said in a press release on the new study. This is the nearest that Mars has come (57.6 million kilometers to earth) since its record-breaking close approach in August 28, 2003. This allows scientists to gain more new information about celestial bodies of the Solar system.

It is believed that Mars can predict global military disasters on Earth. KSSTM is planning viewing parties over the next five evenings using some of its more powerful telescopes so that the public can have "close contacts" with earth's neighbour, which, in fact, is quite a familiar planet thanks to the "Mangalyaan" programme of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

"Carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O) are the only greenhouse gases that are likely to be present on Mars in sufficient abundance to provide any significant greenhouse warming", said Bruce Jakosky of the University of Colorado, Boulder, lead author of the study appearing in Nature Astronomy July 30.

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Now's the time to catch Mars in the night sky as the Red Planet makes its closest approach to Earth in 15 years tonight. The last time the red planet was less than 60 million kilometers away was in 2003. This type of proximity won't occur again until 2287.

The distance between the planets will be a record low.

Mars can easily be seen with the naked eye in the evening time.

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The planet will remain bright for several weeks, and you can also view the planets Saturn, Jupiter and Venus in a "long arc across the sky from east to west" shortly after sunset. You can also look through a telescope.

Visually, Mars will be perceived as bright and large object.

According to NASA, Mars will reach its highest point in the sky around midnight, when we will be able to see it approximately 35 degrees above the southern horizon. Planet Mars can be spotted in the sky till end of year with more appreciable brightness till end of November 2018.

Australia is getting a Blood Moon this weekend
The moon will go through the center of the Earth's shadow, offering to ascend to what is known as the Deep Red Blood Moon . Courtesy of the Virtual Telescope project , the total lunar eclipse and Mars at opposition will be broadcast live online.

As for novice astronomers who might be a little bummed they missed the 3:50 a.m. wake up call, NASA streamed Mars' close encounter with Earth live from the Griffith Observatory.