Twitter removes inactive and locked accounts, Barack Obama loses two million followers


"As the change went into effect, Twitter's "@Twitter" account lost 12.4 percent of its followers compared with Wednesday, the steepest drop among the top 100 accounts by followers, according to Keyhole data. On Friday, Obama had 101 million followers, but on July 11, he had 104 million. Social media maven Kim Kardashian West lost about 1.5 million followers. The typical user will lose fewer than five followers, while large accounts could experience a "more significant drop", Vijaya Gadde, Twitter's head counsel, said in post. With the removal of a number of accounts, Donald Trump ended up losing close to 200,000 "followers" that he speaks to in a limited amount of characters.

On his decision, Twitter has said that many of these users may have trouble with this move, but to maintain transparency and trust, it is necessary to remove the fake people from the platform. They specified that they would be removing locked accounts from follower counts across profiles globally, so we were to expect a drop in follower counts today. The company culled tens of millions of suspicious accounts on Wednesday and caused some of its highest profile users to hemorrhage followers. We really don't know how is Big B going to react to his decreased number of followers considering he's already been on a rant threatening to quit Twitter if they don't stop reducing his follower count.

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Twitter's advertising-centric business model depends on metrics that show user activity, and the deletion of so many accounts can negatively impact those numbers.

Trump, on the otherhand, gained more than 14,000 followers overnight following the deletion of accounts, almost double the rate he gained followers in a similar time interval in previous weeks. It will now be interesting to see how the users react to it; they don't have an option other than accepting anyway.

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Since Twitter announced that it would be working to reduce questionable accounts, President Trump has lost about 100,000 of his 53.4 million followers, while former president Barack Obama is down nearly 400,000 of his 104 million followers as of Wednesday, according to a report from Washington Post.

Twitter explained that it had identified accounts with suspicious behavior, forming the basis of the elimination method. He also added that the new protections policy has helped Twitter to prevent more than 50,000 fake signups per day.

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