What McConnell reportedly said about Trump's potential Supreme Court nominees


But he called four finalists for the nomination - appeals court judges Amy Coney Barrett, Thomas Hardiman, Brett Kavanaugh, and Raymond Kethledge - "extraordinarily distinguished people". Bush had two vacancies on the Supreme Court to fill in quick succession, and fewer than half of Americans overall had much of an opinion on whether his two nominees - John Roberts and Samuel Alito - should be confirmed.

Jon Kyl, who served three terms as a U.S. Senator from Arizona, will be deeply involved in the confirmation process of whomever President Donald Trump nominates to the Supreme Court.

Kennedy announced his retirement two weeks ago, citing a desire to spend more time with his family.

Noyes discovered that Democratic nominees were often described as "centrist" or "moderate", while conservatives didn't receive the same benefit.

Here are five facts about Kavanaugh.

Watch CBN News' FAITH NATION's coverage of the president's announcement. Eastern Time on Monday. Furthermore, Kavanaugh held strict views on just what a president could be impeached for, including lying to his staff.

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Trump's short list continued to vacillate in the hours leading up to tonight's prime-time finale, where his choice to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy will be revealed. Kavanaugh said Monday that he remained "grateful" to his prospective new colleague.

Even if all 49 members of the Democratic caucus united to oppose the nominee they would still need at least one Republican to join them to block the nomination. He's an appeals court judge - federal appeals court judge in D.C. And heading into the weekend, he was seen as a favorite. Kirsten Gillibrand, and Mayor Bill de Blasio slammed Kavanaugh's nomination.

Kethledge, 51, has served on the Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals since 2008 after also being appointed by Bush.

Trump had little to say about his choice before the announcement. "There is no question in my mind regarding Brett for the Supreme Court".

"His nomination should be a non-starter for every member of the Senate concerned about the integrity of the special counsel's investigation and anxious about the Court undermining the rights of women to make their own medical decisions; civil rights; the rights of Americans to quality, affordable healthcare; voting rights; the rights of workers to organize for better wages and working conditions; and more", Booker said in a statement.

"As with all recent Republican nominees, reporters will repeatedly label them as "conservative, ' which will nicely reinforce the Democrats" strategy to paint them as outside 'the mainstream, '" Noyes wrote.

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Trump ran firmly against Obamacare and has since tried to tear it down.

Like the other eight justices on the court, Kavanaugh has an Ivy League law degree, spending his undergraduate and law school years at Yale.

In his dissent for Seven-Sky v. Holder, Kavanaugh detailed how he views the role federal courts should play, one that includes no oversight over Congress's taxation powers.

Trump during his campaign in 2016 said he would appoint justices who would overturn the landmark 1973 decision that said women have a constitutional right to an abortion.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said opponents were using "40-year-old scare tactics" over abortion and other issues but they "will not stop us from doing the right thing".

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