JK Rowling Mocks Trump For Spelling Error In Brutal Twitter Roast


"I capitalise certain words only for emphasis, not b/c they should be capitalised!"

Trump in a tweet, hailed himself as "best selling" author.

Trump might "pride myself on my ability to write", but the Harry Potter author was quick to point out that a ghostwriter actually penned all his books!

One hour after the tweet was posted, Merriam-Webster Dictionary's official Twitter account mocked Trump by posting the definition of "pour over" and "pore over".

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Rowling, known for her bestselling Harry Potter novels couldn't control her laughter over Trump's tweet as she replied with a continuous "hahaha" in her tweet.

But amidst blasting the people of "Fake News" for finding faults in his tweets, Trump made another spelling error - to a point it captured the attention of one of the world's global best-selling author. The president swiftly deleted the tweet and reposted it with the correct word in place.

POTUS got trolled hard by actual best selling author, J.K. Rowling; various other celebrities; the dictionary and many other English-speakers.

Author JK Rowling took potshots at US President Donald Trump for making a grammatical error in a tweet while boasting about his writing ability.

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After Mr Trump corrected his tweet, JK Rowling tweeted again saying someone told him the correct meaning of the word.

The tweet mysteriously disappeared shortly after it was posted, and was replaced with a almost identical message - with one glaring change.

She also offered some writing advice. The US President who gave us the infamous covfefe went on another round of self-praising and boasting about his writing skills in a tweet.

United States President Donald Trump suffered from another spelling gaffe on Twitter, after he took a jab at his critics for incessantly looking for faults from his end.

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